Performers List for 2019

Please note that this is NOT the running order
and that this list can be subject to change.

Last updated: 23/07/2019

Friday 26th July

James Newman Gray

The Acoustic Dreamweaver

Håkon Christensen

George Boomsma

Ben Calvert & The Swifts

Henk & Miranda Heikamp


Duncan Zarathrustra

Darren Smith

Mark Atherton

Egil Odegard

Martin Loynes and Paul Whitcomb

Harvey Lord

Ed Jones
Kev Yale

Mario Canosa

Tom Conway

Joey Vriend
Al-pha-x aka Declan Flynn and Doral Hayes
Eduardo Lemos and Juliana Biscalquin

Saturday 27th July

Les Hayden & Jess Urwin

Rob Cohen

Nicola Maniglia
Sunset Johnson

Alistair Aktas

Luigi Ladisa

Marina Del Rey

Chris Bannister

Adam Davies

Jimi Mack


Gus White

Ross Alexander & Steph Ashcroft

Walter Grosso

Robert Barnett

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