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Photo credit: Nigel Walker 2015

Each year we blossom...


The Annual Nick Drake Gathering is held in Tanworth-in-Arden, Warwickshire. July 2022 will be the 20th year (counting the first get-together in 2003 on which the 2004 gathering was based - but it's now been 19 years in its current form), celebrating the music and life of the very talented musician; Nicholas Rodney Drake. It is a great opportunity for musicians influenced by Nick, along with fans of Nick to meet up and get to know each other whilst sharing their experiences, thoughts, music, good humour and the spirit of the event. 


The village of Tanworth-in-Arden remains relatively untouched by the passage of time and is a very pleasant, peaceful place. Keeping this in mind we like to keep the event a fairly cosy affair, that the village can handle and also to maintain the sort of atmosphere that both the music and the listener deserve. We'd like to remind people that we are separate from the Lunar festival taking place earlier in the year. We are a different, completely non-profit, organisation solely dedicated to Nick Drake and Nick Drake alone.


The organisers and performers contribute their time and artistry to the event as a labour of love and nobody receives nor expects any payment for these services. No entry fee is charged, and no tickets are required. It should not be confused with large festivals or other more formal concerts or events.  The facts that it is a smaller and more intimate atmosphere, and held in the same village where Nick lived and also passed away, make it a very intimate journey for his fans from all around the globe, who wish to pay tribute.


Many people return year after year, and among them many new faces are appearing too. All are very welcome, however we ask all who attend to respect the Drake family grave site and all other graves surrounding. We also would remind people to be considerate toward the family now living at Far Leys House who are in no way related to the Drake family and ask that their personal space and privacy are respected.

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